Frequently Ask Questions

    • In the search bar, fill out your departure point, arrival point, travel dates, number of passengers and click search
    • Look through the search results and select the best flight for you
    • Complete your passenger details and contact information with your valid identity Add any travel products for example flexible travel dates or health insurance for visa purposes
      NOTE Make sure that the names of the travelers are correct at the time of booking. If they are incorrect, you may be charged a fee or you could forfeit the entire ticket if your payment has been confirmed and the ticket has been issued.
    • Select your preferred payment method and click CONTINUE
    • That's it! You have now successfully made a booking. Your booking confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided on the passenger details page.

      If you selected bank transfer or card as your method of payment, pleasemakepayment immediately as ticket prices are subject to availability. After wehaveconfirmed receipt of payment during our working hours, your ticket is issuedandemailed as an e-ticket to address on the booking.

      Please remember to
  • You will receive a booking confirmation in your mail and also appear to your viewon the website after you have successfully made a booking. Please note that this is not the same as your electronic ticket (e-ticket) which allows you to board the plane.

    Once your payment has been confirmed, your ticket will be issued and you will be emailed your e-ticket from Your e-ticket is the final confirmation of your booking that allows you to board the Airplane

  • Yes, we can make your reservation by phone or email. However, you will be required to email us at with the data page on your passport and your travel details. This will enable us to confirm your names, sex, DOB, departure and return points as well as travel dates if round or one way trip.

  • or call our business line

  • or call our business line

  • This means that the initial price is no longer available. If the change in fare is noticed after the booking has been made, the price increase might be due to the unavailability of the price, products or due to another product you added. or call our business line.

    And prices are subject to change anytime without notice, we cannot guarantee that price until payment has been confirmed and the e-ticket has been issued when payment received you have nothing to worry after you have booked even whenyour e ticket have not been received. Contact us or call our business line

  • If you require a tax invoice, please contact us stating your booking reference and we will forward the invoice to your email

  • Please contact us stating your booking reference and stating your request.

  • We are always here to help during our working hours. Please contact us for further assistance.

  • No. On our website you cannot book a child ticket for a child traveling ontheir own(up to age 18). Child tickets must always be booked together with an adult ticket.The child discount is applicable only when accompanied by an adult. You are also not permitted to book an adult ticket for a child traveling alone.

  • No. You must be over 18 to book a trip on our website. You cannot book a trip for a child traveling alone either (up to 18).

  • We focus our services on individual customers, therefore the only document we issue is a receipt, which serves also as the confirmation of your booking. The receipt can be downloaded and printed on the "My Bookings" page.

  • The service fee is the fee that we charge per person to handle all communication with the airline. The aim, of course, is to provide you with the best possible solution for your booking. This applies to all ticket changes and cancellations; The service fee may vary depending on type of request. You can find the list of our fees and its description stated at the bottom of our T&C page.

  • Chat, phone, email

  • Yes. When you make your reservation, you must write all the names that are shown in your passport. Airlines have strict requirements for security and it is very important that you enter all passengers' names exactly as they appear in their passports. The airlines do not usually permit any change of name or transfer of tickets. If you enter a name incorrectly this may mean that you have to buy a new ticket without getting your money back for the incorrect ticket.

  • Some countries on lockdown might require self-certification or other documents. Please refer to the IATA travel centre or information on the website of the government in question, your embassy or consulate.

  • Children below the age of two should be booked as babies. This means that the baby is not allocated its own seat, but must sit on an adult's lap. Further, the child must not turn two during the trip. If the child turns two during the trip, a child's ticket must be booked for the entire trip.

  • Order number - your order number is available in the confirmation email, on "MyBookings which can be accessed through the confirmation email or throughthetopright on the first page of our site, and in your travel document which is foundon"MyBookings."

    Booking number - your booking number is found in your confirmation email, on My Bookings" and in your travel document.

  • You can book for a maximum of nine people in the same search on our website. Thisis because the airlines cannot offer a larger number of people for each search. Butyou can always make more searches and add more bookings into the same shoppingbasket.

  • This may be for a number of reasons, but do check your web browser. When you make an internet banking transfer, your bank is opened in a newwindow. If you have blocked pop-ups in your browser, this may prevent your bank from opening. Open your browser and select 'Allow pop-ups'. If this does not work, we recommend that you contact your bank.

  • This may be for a number of reasons, Either the date on the coupon has expiredandit no longer works, or the discount coupon only works on some of our productsandservices such as hotels and rental cars.

    Another reason could be that the conditions for the discount coupon have not beenmet. Sometimes you are required to purchase above a certain amount beforethecoupon can be used.

  • Low-cost carriers are airlines that offer affordable fares by operating with a simplified business model and often excluding certain amenities provided by traditional airlines. While flying with LCCs can be a cost-effective way to travel,there are some important factors to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Read on to familiarize yourself with key considerations when traveling with low-cost airlines.

  • It's important to note that some low-cost airlines charge a fee for checking in and printing your boarding pass at the airport. To avoid this, check in online during the designated window, and either print or download your boarding pass on to your mobile device before arriving. By following these simple steps, you can save money and ensure a smooth travel experience without any unnecessary stress at the airport.

    1. Paying with your card using Master card , valve Quickteller,
    2. bank transfer to one of our available bank options,
  • We do not offer installmental payments. We must receive your full payment andconfirm receipt before your e-ticket is issued.

  • Yes, absolutely! Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Our website is protected with enabled SSL Certificates Secured Seal on secure pages and protect you and your card from fraud

  • We are sorry about that. Please contact us for further assistance. Kindly and Please contact us stating your booking reference and stating your request.

  • Yes, taxes are mandatory. These taxes have already been included in the price you see on the ticket.

  • Yes, you can always cancel your trip, flight, hotel or rental car. However, inorder to get your money back, you must normally have to have purchased cancellation protection. This is only applicable to illnesses upon proof of a valid doctor's certificate. When you have completed your booking and pressed 'Pay', the booking is binding.

  • If you want to cancel your flight you must contact us by email or telephone. Note that the flight is not cancelled until you have received confirmation from us. You need to contact us as early as possible! Different airlines have different rules for how late you can cancel. If you are cancelling close to your departure date and outside of our opening hours, you must always contact the airline directly.

    Airline regulations generally do not permit refunds of cancelled tickets. We must always comply with the airline's regulations and cannot make our own exceptions. However, in some individual cases it is still possible to have airline tickets refunded. We then take an administrative fee that you will have been informed about at thetime of booking. The airline also makes a charge for cancellation.

  • If you have booked a hotel with us and wish to cancel, you must contact us as soon as possible in order for us to assist with the cancellation. In some cases, the hotel's rules will permit a refund. We will cancel your hotel room and repay the hotel cost minus our administrative charge. This will be in addition to any fees charged by the hotel for cancellation.

  • Booking a rental car is always direct through the rental car company. Therefore you should go directly to their customer service and ask about the options for cancelling or rebooking.

  • Unfortunately, you have to contact the airline directly. You will find your booking reference and contact information for the airline in your confirmation email. For more information, please visit the airline's website.

  • According to the airline's rules, it is not usually possible to change or correct names on airline tickets. If a change is permitted, you may be charged a fee. When a booking includes more than one airline, there may also be technical problems with any change. We therefore want to emphasize the importance of spelling your name correctly (the way it is written in your passport) when you make the booking.

    For hotels, it may be possible to change the name. You should contact the hotel directly for more information.

    For a rental car booking, please contact our partners at

  • To request mileage credit for United-operated flights flown in the last six months, you can make a request online. To request mileage credit for airline, car, or hotel partners and non-travel partner activity, visit the MileagePlus Contact Information page.

  • You can get miles credited to your account for flights taken before becoming a MileagePlus member. But, whether or not your flight qualifies for this credit depends on when the flight was and the airline. You can have miles credit for any United or United Express flights taken up to 6 months before joining MileagePlus. You will not receive miles for flights on partner airlines, or United and United Express flights taken more than six months before your membership began.

  • We are required to follow the company's rules, as noted below. In most cases, it is not possible to change your booking.

  • It is usually not possible to rebook or change the date for a hotel booking. However, there are exceptions. In such a case, both we and the provider will chargeaprocessing fee.

    If you only booked a hotel, you should contact the hotel provider directly.

    If you booked flights and hotel together, you should contact our customer support.

    Rebooking a rental car? Booking a rental car is always done directly through the rental car company. Therefore you should go directly to customer service and ask about the options for cancellation or rebooking.

  • If you have booked a hotel with us and wish to cancel, you must contact us assoonas possible. If a refund is permitted, we will cancel your booking and repay the hotel cost minus our administrative charge. This will be in addition to any fees charged by the hotel for cancellation.

  • Booking a rental car is always done directly through the rental car company. Therefore you should go directly to customer service and ask about the options for cancellation or rebooking.

  • Some low-cost airlines may charge extra fees for checked and cabin baggage, with stricter policies than traditional airlines. Additionally, low-cost carriers often have different baggage size and weight rules for cabin bags than standard airlines. Many charge for seat selection, and may not offer complimentary food or drinks onboard. To avoid unexpected fees, make sure you understand the baggage allowance policy and any additional fees that may apply. Always factor in any additional costs and consider purchasing extras in advance to save money.

  • Some low-cost airlines have strict refund and cancellation policies, with non refundable tickets and limited opportunities to make changes. Some airlines have their own ticketing systems. This means we may not be able to assist you with cancellations or change requests directly, but we can guide you on how to receive assistance directly from the airline.

  • Many low-cost carriers have restrictions on pets permitted on their flights, and in some cases, pets are not allowed at all due to the complications of transporting them and the limited resources of low-cost carriers. Some airlines may allowpets to travel in the cabin or as checked baggage, but there may be restrictions on the type of pet, size, and weight of the carrier or crate. Additionally, a fee may be charged for transporting a pet, and it's crucial to ensure that your pet meets all the requirements for travel, such as having the necessary documentation, vaccinations, and health certificates. Always check the airline's pet policy before booking your flight.

  • The payment discount means that you're getting our absolute lowest price on your trip. Sometimes there may be a discount that requires a specific method of payment.To make it simple and clear, there is information about the discount throughout the booking process and at the payment stage.

  • Sometimes the booking system does not have the most recent updates of theairline'savailable seats. You get an error message that there are no seats at the price youtriedto book.

    We recommend that you try to book the trip again with a different optiononourwebsite.

  • If you are charged by an airline in a different currency than your card's, your bankwill convert such an amount with an exchange rate of it's choice. In certain cases your banking institution (your credit card issuer) may charge you with additional feesas part of their fee policy. Please note we have no control over this feeasit isassigned by your bank/credit card issuer. For more information, please contact yourbank/credit card issuer directly.

  • Your options to receive a payment refund when you choose to cancel a regular flight ticket depends on the airline's cancellation terms for your ticket. Each airline has their own terms and you need to consult the terms of your specific booking to know what options you have. If you want to travel on other dates you may also contact the airline or us to see if there is an option to rebook your flight ticket. Please refer to the specific airline websites for additional information..

  • If you have questions about cancellations you should contact the low-cost airlinedirectly. You will find your booking reference and all contact informationfortheairline in your booking confirmation from them.

    Once the airline has confirmed that they have canceled the order and that theywillrefund you, you have to CONTACT so that we can cancel the order on our sideandproceed with the refund process.

    Please note that in most cases it is not possible to get a refund for your ticket whenyou cancel.

    The airlines have their own rules for cancellation and we cannot influencetheirdecision.